Evankha Terayn. Evankha Terayn means

To Give Life of the Land

A healer with many talents and skills., (Organic gardener, a horticulturalist & permaculturalist, a herbalist, a writer, a poet, a spoken rhythm artist, a journalist, and engineer just name a few).
Recently received a degree in Audio Recording & Production. Currently striving for a B.S. Agriculture & Environmental Systems concentration Urban & Community Horticulture..

All creative works on this page made by Evankha Terayn are published with Timeless Creations Publishing.  All rights reserved.

Join me on this journey of Life and gain as much Life, Wisdom, and Knowledge from each creation: the writings include poems, short stories and research articles.  The Ankh Corner which is built on a bi-weekly basis to give you knowledge into the world of plants, their many benefits, how to grow them, and holistic living.

Amun Hotep (Supreme Peace), Love, Balance. Enjoy!

Balance (I believe in peace but still will get in that ass with a quickness kindly.). Talented & Skilled.

Copyright © 2016 (Applies to all original works created by Evankha Terayn)

2 thoughts on “Home

  1. Go Sista! Everything looks amazing. Best wishes in all your adventures. I love you more than you’d ever understand.

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